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H1Z1 Latest News! Character, World Wipe Plus Guns and Ammo Spawn Rate Reduction

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Image credits H1Z1, screen capture by Author

Latest news for H1Z1 fans out there! Save your screenshots because the inevitable server wipe is coming, plus, the Devs are now reducing the spawn rate of guns and ammo in game. FINALLY!

The Devs have finally decided to wipe the server?some might disagree, especially those who have already made or have put so much effort into building their house.

However, the world wipe for the game is actually not a bad idea especially with the whole item duping incident. Wiping the server is the most reasonable approach for making the game more balanced than before.

According to the post made by Steve George on his Twitter, ?You can most likely expect a Character/World wipe sometime this week. Get those screenshots while you can!?

Personally, I am not against the server wipe and I don?t approve of it also. More like, ?Whether they wipe it or not, I can still gather all the things I used to have in less than a day.?

Guns and ammo spawn rate is going to be reduced! Finally!

Meanwhile, another change for the game that we can expect is the reduction in the spawn rate of guns and ammo in H1Z1 according to John Smedley?s most recent tweet.

Ammunitions are pretty rare in game, before they did the tweaking. How rare? Well, I was playing for about half a day and I only managed to find six bullets during that time span. I?m guessing that was my lucky day.

That was the pre-patch, last patch?the 1/26 and 1/27 patch?however was surprising. You can find at least 30 bullets in less than an hour or so! That is if you respawned in the middle of the forest. But if you managed to get into Pleasant Valley, then it?ll only take you a couple of minutes to get about 50 or so bullets, yes, 50 bullets in a couple of minutes!

These are terrific news if you ask me?especially the guns and ammo spawn rate part. They are now balancing the game like what they have promised during the development phase of H1Z1.

Image credits H1Z1, screen capture by Author

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