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H1Z1: Is the Airdrop feature Pay-to-Win or not?

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Let?s have a look at the most recent controversy surrounding the airdrop feature of the game H1Z1

H1Z1 early access was released last January 15, 2015 on Steam. As soon as the game was released, eager fans saw something disappointing that actually made a few of them furious?now I can?t find the live stream cap of the streamer that day but here is something similar.

So what exactly is this airdrop feature?

According to John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, he once posted the idea of an airdrop feature of the game in the official H1Z1 Subreddit.

?We will allow players to purchase Air Drops of care packages like food, water. Before you judge – it goes to a random location and is obvious to everyone in the area. Think of it like buying surprises for people in the game that if you’re lucky you can try and get yourselves.? He also added ?However, our real goal here is along the lines of The Hunger Games. A mad rush for supplies followed by a tense standoff. Basically think of it as instant chaos.?

Now on to the controversial airdrop during the H1Z1 early access

During the early access of the game last January 15, 2015, a streamer named aWildWatermelonAppears called in an airdrop and found weapons and ammos inside the crate, not once but thrice! As posted in the game?s Subreddit. Here is the screengrab of what the streamer got from the military?crate.

That?s kind of unfair, if I have to be honest, especially when you are in a PvP server.

Is the airdrop feature of the game really a pay-to-win scheme?

Majority of players think that the airdrop feature is actually a pay-to-win scheme especially when the Devs previously said that they won?t include any weapons in the airdrop.

It?s true that the airdrop feature of H1Z1 is a bit of a gamble whether you will receive the goods or not.?Personally, it feels kind of like a server event that you paid for or as one Redditor named ReallyCoolFloor said ?So you’re buying a bloodbath basically??

Pay-to-Win or paid server event or not, the game still looks promising and I?m sure they will fix this issue in no time.

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