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H1Z1 ? Is Surviving In-Game Really That Hard?

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A look into the survival aspect of H1Z1 PvP and PvE servers

H1Z1 early access is now finally live on Steam and every player in-game is busy with exploring, memorizing the map and gathering essential supplies.

For this article, we will talk about the survival aspect of the game for the PvP and PvE server.

H1Z1 PvE mode, how hard is it to survive in this server?

It’s not really that hard once you?ve gathered at least 50 berries in Vanilla. For starters, berries are actually quite useful and it takes the saying ?quantity over quality? quite literally. One or two berries might not do the trick but 10-20 of them might. As for the zombies though, so far, the zombies are not really a threat and you can outrun them or kill them easily.

However, for the hardcore mode, now that is a new playing field. You see, hardcore mode PvE in H1Z1 is more challenging?in a way. You can?t kill a zombie unless you shoot its head. That?s one, now to add more challenge in hardcore mode, when you die, everything you have discovered in crafting will also vanish.

The hardest part of this game mode?and probably the only one?is the scarcity of the items you can loot, especially the essential supplies like food and ammo. As for my estimate, ?it would probably take you around 1 hour to 2 hours of searching to find a backpack, canned goods and purified water (if you are not lucky) then if you are lucky, it might take you an hour or so.

If you ask why, it?s because people are not killing each other so there is no rotation of items between players. The only loot you will find are probably left overs or dropped, useless items that takes up a lot of weight.

So, in conclusion, if you want a bit of a challenge try PvE hardcore and if you are a first timer, try Vanilla first.

H1Z1 PvP server, is it hard to survive in an environment where everyone and everything can kill you?

The answer to that is a big YES for both hardcore and Vanilla, unless you have a few friends who are also playing the game then the odds of you dying constantly might decrease?that is, if you can manage to find each other because of the huge map.

However, for this server, the scarcity of loot is not really that terrible (based on my experience) compared to the PvE server. This one is a bit different and there are many angles to look at like the number of players online, how heavy the PvP is, etc.

The estimate would probably be around 1 hour to find a few decent gear or items. When I first joined a PvP server, it only took me 30 minutes to find a backpack and a few bottles of purified water. I guess I just got lucky.

I?ve tried the PvP game rule set of H1Z1 but sadly, I didn?t quite enjoy the experience so I?ll probably stick to PvE for now until they resolve the drastic drop of FPS issue.

What about you? Which type of server do you prefer, PvE or PvP? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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