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H1Z1 – Hackers Everwhere?!

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Image source H1Z1, photo capture by Author

First it was the item duping issue on H1Z1 and now, its the hackers

At first, H1Z1 was troubled by people who are exploiting the item duping bug in-game by duplicating important items like ammos, food and other items that are hard to find. Now however, there?s a new issue in game that can surely ruin the reputation of H1Z1, it is the hacking.

H1Z1 hackers, they are everywhere!

Hacking in-game is pretty much common in MMOs. It is bound to happen no matter how much prevention you make especially for early access games or IPs that are in Alpha stage. As for the game H1Z1, well, we don?t exactly know the accurate numbers of hackers in game but one thing is for sure, people are reporting them and by the looks of it, they are everywhere!

If you think they are only dominant in PvP servers better think again. They have also infiltrated the BR servers, according to this post, and are now wreaking havoc against other honest players that are playing the game without the need to cheat. Here is also a video that was posted on YouTube of a hacker that was caught red-handed?by the looks of it, seems like he is using a one shot kill kind of hack.

However, if you think all hackers are bad, they?re not?well they are doing something illegal that can give them one heck of an advantage against other players, so they?re still bad though in a good way. As posted by abra5umente, an unknown hacker helped him by giving him items like backpack, ammo, guns and other essential items for survival. The reason why the hacker helped him? Well because he was a ?cool guy?. BUT! Even though that person is a GGG (Good Guy Greg), that doesn?t change the fact that he/she committed a serious offense that can result to account deactivation.

Where to report in case you found someone who uses third-party application or also known as hacking tool

If you ever come across someone who acts a bit different than the normal players in game, you can send your email report to h1z1hacker@soe.sony.com as posted by SOE_Legion on the IP?s Subreddit.

Image source H1Z1, photo capture by Author

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