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H1Z1 Guide – Different Kinds of Food

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Simple and quick guide about the foods you can find/make in H1Z1

H1Z1 is really an entertaining game despite all the bugs and glitches of the IP. The game was released last January 15 on Steam as an early access. It is an open-world zombie survival game published and developed by Sony Online Entertainment.

On this article, I will share to you the foods that I have discovered in game and what you should eat or save for later use.

The foods of H1Z1 and how you can make them

These are the list of food items I have discovered in game:

  • Cooked Rabbit Meat ? The most common food you can make in-game. It can replenish about 40 or so of your hunger.
  • Rabbit Stew ? The best food you can make in H1Z1. You can satisfy not only your hunger but it can also quench your thirst! The recipe for this food is x1 cooked rabbit meat, x1 purified water and x1 salt packet. If you like going out on an adventure, it?s best to keep at least 2 rabbit stew in your inventory.
  • Cooked Bear Meat/Bear Steak ? The very best meat you can make/eat in game. It completely relieves you of hunger (recovers 100%).
  • Cooked Deer Meat/Deer Steak ? Probably the second hardest meat you can hunt in game. The trouble though is very worth it. Just like the cooked rabbit and bear steak, you just put in the raw meat in your campfire or barbecue and just light it up.
  • Cooked Wolf Meat ? The only problem with this food is that, wolves are pretty much scarce but if you managed to find one, it?s not really that hard to get its meat unlike the deer. Wolf meat can replenish a great amount of hunger but do not eat all of it. Use this as a last resort when you?ve ran out of rabbit meat and/or any other foods in your inventory. They are aggressive so it can save you the time of chasing them around unlike those damn deer. Plus! It recovers a great amount of energy (roughly around 60 or so).
  • Blackberry Juice (my personal favorite) ? If you have plenty of purified water in your inventory, it?s best if you convert all of them into blackberry juice. Not only it can replenish a great deal of hydration, it can also replenish a small amount of hunger. So it?s a win-win situation.
  • Deer Jerky ? I wouldn?t recommend this food. Salt is pretty hard to find in game and you might just use that to make rabbit stew instead of deer jerky. However, compared to rabbit meat/stew, this can replenish a great deal of energy.

Just a quick tip for your survival in H1Z1

If you have managed to find different types of meat like the bear, deer, wolf and rabbit, just go for the rabbit and save the other meats for later use. Another thing, go with rabbit stew when you found packets of salt instead of deer jerky, it is very worth it and the benefits are great! It is like drinking/eating a blackberry juice but it will recover your energy a lot more and Deer Jerky will only replenish your energy not?hydration.

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