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H1Z1: Funny, Win and Fail Videos

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Fail, weird and win moments of H1Z1 players, worship the Sun God!

Games can also be boring sometimes especially if it?s a zombie survival game?and H1Z1 is not an exception to that.

For these guys, however, they have managed to find ways to keep them entertained while playing?can you spot the irony?

Here on this article, you will see the 5 funny, fail and win videos I?ve seen on YouTube for the game H1Z1.

Watch these guys honor their fallen comrade in a funny way

Credits to SpooksOP

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Honoring a fallen comrade is heartbreaking. The bonds you?ve shared together in the battlefield are totally irreplaceable. These guys on the other hand, well, they did something less dramatic and more comedic to honor their fallen friend who got murdered by a savage, bloodthirsty player.

A?win attempt on climbing one of the radio station tower in H1Z1

Credits to Patrick t hoen

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Are you tired of killing other zombies and/or players? Why not try what this guy did; he climbed a freaking radio station tower! I hope he doesn?t have anything valuable in his inventory because if he falls and dies, I bet that will suck big time.

Funny H1Z1 moment! These guys are having a BLAST!

Credits to Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer Ft. H2Odelirious, Gassy and Sparklez

[jwplayer mediaid=”108621″]

This is a must watch video, I?m serious. Moral lesson of this clip: When you did something that might endanger or kill your teammate, tell them to run but don?t tell them why. Sounds horrible right? No, in H1Z1 it?s not. The outcome is actually hilarious!

The Sun Cult of H1Z1 (not their real name), all praise the Sun God!

Credits to TheKtulu123

[jwplayer mediaid=”108622″]

If you are in a PvP server and you come across these guys, please, don?t shoot them. All they want to do is spread the awareness and convert you to join The Sun Cult (again, not their real name). They are harmless?but totally weird.

The impossible shot! This is pure, 100% win

Credits to Lowco2525

[jwplayer mediaid=”108623″]

This is the MOST unbelievable shot I have ever seen in H1Z1. Her reaction when she made the shot was also the same as mine when I saw it. I just want to say kudos to Lowco for showing her impeccable marksmanship skill.

I hope you had fun watching these funny, wins and fails videos of H1Z1.

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