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H1Z1 Easter Eggs! Plus, Simple Fix for Alt-Tab Sound Bug

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H1Z1 was released on Steam last January 15 as an Early Access game. It is an open-world zombie survival IP that tests your resourcefulness and your survival skills in a post-apocalyptic world.

All games have Easter Eggs in them and H1Z1 is not an exception to that. Here on this article, I will show you the few Easter Eggs that you can see in ?Anywhere America?.

Easter Eggs of H1Z1

  • Smedbucks Coffee ? Looks like John Smedley was an owner of a coffee shop before the H1Z1 virus outbreak. You can find Smedbucks on Pleasant Valley near Clegg?s Sandwich.
Image cap by Author

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  • Clegg?s Sandwich ? Not just Smed, Adam Clegg also has a store in Pleasant Valley and it is called Clegg?s Sandwich.
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Image cap by Author

  • All the televisions in game are made by Sony ? Looks like everyone in ?Anywhere America? is a big fan of Sony.
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  • Ruby Lake and Opfer Wilderness Camp ? In case you didn?t know, Ruby Opfer is one of the Devs of H1Z1. You can find Ruby Lake nad Opfer Wilderness Camp somewhere near Cranberry.
  • Humperdinck Gorge (an area in ?Anywhere America?) ? I?m not sure about this one but I think this is a reference to Engelbert Humperdinck. Just so you know, Engelbert Humperdinck was born as Arnold George Dorsey. If you are not familiar with the word Gorge, you might mistakenly pronounce it as George. See the connection? Humperdinck Gorge can be found near Pleasant Valley.
  • ?Have you seen Zimm?? photo ? As you can see on this post by aSneakyJew, there are lots of guide maps all around Anywhere America and one of them contains a photo of Zimm or Ryan Zimmerman, another Dev of the game.
  • ?Charlie bit me?, reference to the viral YouTube video ? In case you haven?t noticed, in aSneakyJew?s post in the game?s Subreddit, you can see there the reference to the viral YouTube video ?Charlie bit me??but I presume it is not a funny, kid like bite.

H1Z1 simple fix for the no sound when you alt-tab

It is sometimes inevitable to alt-tab when you are playing an online game. You maybe have to answer a few PMs outside the game, check on some guides or maybe check up on your game capture device if it?s still working. For H1Z1 however, alt-tabbing can sometimes kill you because when you return back to the game, the sound shuts off completely! You wouldn?t know if there?s a zombie right beside you chowing down your limb.

Luckily, I have found a way to solve this problem in just 2 easy steps. Yep, you heard that right! 2 EASY FREAKIN? STEPS!

First, open your settings and go to sound, then on your master volume, drag it to 0% then back to 100% and that?s it! Problem solved!

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