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H1Z1 Early Access is Now Available on Steam!!

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The highly anticipated game H1Z1 is now live on Steam Early Access

Everyone is on super hype mode, in case you are wondering why, it?s because H1Z1 is now available on Steam early access!

H1Z1 was first announced last year, April 2014 as said on their wiki page and the official release date of the early access for the IP was announced last December of the same year.

It is an open-world, zombie survival game that is pretty much the same as DayZ but has more features. Like any survival game in the market today, H1Z1 doesn?t have any objectives or missions, the only thing you must do is survive for as long as you can. If you think that is easy then you better think again. You will encounter hostile player that kills other people for no apparent reason, this is called KOS?ing or KOS. Not just players though, in game you will encounter hordes of zombies that are, as what the Devs said in their previous game streams, hard to kill and very dangerous when you are faced with more than one.

H1Z1 early access on steam, get it while it?s still hot!

Just a few hours ago, the official release of the early access for the game H1Z1 has become live and fans have downloaded them as soon as it went up.

Many fans are not quite lucky though; there are only a few of them who did manage to get in the game server. Like any other early access, during the first day of the game, you will encounter tons of bugs and glitches or technical issues regarding the server, just like what?s happening now. Despite the log in issue, they are still eager to play the game they?ve been waiting for all these months.

Click here to buy a copy of H1Z1 early access if you are one of the few who likes to support the Devs of the game. You can choose from a standard pack that is $19.99 or the premium early access for $39.99.

See you guys in game and have fun!

Image credit: H1Z1

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