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H1Z1 Downtime Update 1/21 – Zombie Fix is Coming!

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The zombies are coming! The fix for the difficulty of the zombies in H1Z1 is coming

Yesterday, the servers of H1Z1 were not responsive for hours due to some bugs according to John Smedley?s most recent post on the game?s Subreddit.

H1Z1 John Smedley?s Reddit post about the extended downtime yesterday

A couple of hours ago, John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, posted his apology for the long server downtime that happened yesterday. Included on that post, he said that they have encountered two bugs,

?Long story short we ended up with 2 bugs that we had to actually physically work through with zero options for reverting the servers without significant more work as a result? he also added ?Usually if a patch has issues we can quickly revert. Yesterday we were just in a situation where that wasn’t a viable option.?

He did also post the things they are working on right now.

  • Bringing up 200 EU servers. Will be happening throughout the day today and into the night.
  • More Zombies and smarter zombies – this is a huge priority. We’re working hard on the server frame rate which is the underlying issue we’re working on.
  • Tons of bug fixes – please use this thread to help us prioritize the big stuff to stomp on today.

The increase in servers?specifically the EU servers?were a big help with the population density of the servers. When I logged in a few hours ago, I saw that the US servers are now mostly on medium population and because of that, there are now plenty of items for everybody?though the item spawning in containers could still use a bit of a tweaking.

I would also like to add that, because of the lessened density in the population on most US servers, my FPS has now increased a bit. The occasional drops on FPS are now tolerable?and I can safely say that, I can now?play comfortably without the fear of throwing up.

H1Z1 early access is available on Steam with two different bundles, the standard access bundle that costs $20 and the premium bundle for $40.

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