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H1Z1 Devs are Going to Ban Dupers – It’s About Time!

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Image credit: H1Z1 screen capture by Author

H1Z1 Devs have recently posted that they are now going to ban people who abused the exploits to duplicate their items

Exploits, bugs and glitches in game are unavoidable especially when it is still on Alpha (early access) or Beta stage. Some people will abuse it and will take advantage of the exploits to give themselves the upper hand against other players?this is currently the issue on H1Z1.

Dupers of H1Z1 beware! Say bye bye to your account when you get caught

There have been many reports in H1Z1 Subreddit about the item duplication issue and most of them are ammo related.

Luckily, 2 days ago, the Devs of H1Z1 have finally released a message to all the people that are involved in the item duping incident. SOE_Legion, Greg Heninnger, have posted that ?Over the past week, we have seen a rise in the number or people abusing the exploits in the game to duplicate (dupe) items. We have internally fixed a few of the duping methods that most of the offenders are using but since the game is still in Early Access and there are bugs to be found, some more pop up here and there.? The community manager also warned people who are abusing the exploit ?This is your warning moving forward from right now. 1/27/2015. If you are caught abusing a duping exploit you will be banned from H1Z1. We have a zero tolerance policy for hackers and as long as duping remains an issue for people trying to enjoy the game, you will be treated equally.?

It?s about time! It is actually unfair to the people who are working hard to look for more ammo and any other items for their survival.

Even though you have paid for the early access, that doesn?t give you the right to abuse the game and if you think that ?but I paid for this game!? will get you out of trouble, sad to say but no, it won?t.

They are doing the right thing by giving out equal treatment to all the players of H1Z1 whether they have paid for a standard access or a premium package; everyone is on the same boat here on this game.

Good thing I only play in PvE servers and I haven?t encountered any duped loot bags yet but if I did manage to find one, I will head straight to SOE support and I will report it immediately?like what any good citizen would do.

Image credit: H1Z1 screen capture by Author

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