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H1Z1 Battle Royale Mode ? The Hunger Games Version of H1Z1 *My Review*

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Fans were excited when they heard the news that H1Z1?is going to have its own Battle Royale mod?especially the ones who have played the mod in Arma 3?as you can see from?the response it received on one of their Subreddit threads.

What is this Battle Royale mode in H1Z1?

Based on my experience with the game mode, the rule is pretty standard, last man standing wins. You and the other players who participated in this match will be put in a ?holding area? first. Now once the requirements are met?the number of players?then the game will start by paradropping each one of you in ?Anywhere America?.

I don?t know if the Devs are handing out prizes to the winners, but I?m pretty sure they will do that once they have finished fixing the major issues of the game.

My first game of Battle Royale in H1Z1

As I?ve said in my previous article, my review for the PvE server, I don?t really enjoy PvP that much and would instead prefer the PvE mode of H1Z1. However, this one is an exception I suppose.

At first, I don?t know what I was doing or what was I supposed to do. I kept hitting E on every containers I come across and hoping that I would find some kind of weapon, sadly, that?s not how Battle Royale of H1Z1 works.

The only containers you can search in this mode are the military crates that are dropped off by the airplane that passes by every few minutes or so. You can also find different items lying around the map like backpacks, melee weapons, etc.

Another thing that you must be cautious about in this mode is the toxic gas. Once the announcement of gas production has begun, you should find an elevated place and look if it?s somewhere close in your area and remember that location. It will kill you, not instantly but more like a slow and excruciating way to die. Not to mention that the gas travels fast so better make a run for it whenever you get the chance.

My review for Battle Royale mode

It is an awesome mode and I can?t wait to try it again. It was an exciting and thrilling experience. Not only other players but the environment can also kill you if you are not careful. So if I would rate this game mode of H1Z1, I would give it 8 out of 10.

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