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H1Z1 1/26 and 1/27 Update – My Review for the Loot Fix

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Image credits: H1Z1, screen capture by Author

My review for H1Z1 loot fix patch last 1/26 and 1/27

The loot spawn rate in H1Z1 is now fixed and surviving isn?t hard anymore compared to pre-patch. Most feedbacks from the players of the IP?are positive, as you can see in the comments from this post by the game?s community manager.

H1Z1 1/26 and 1/27 update review. Loot system is now fixed!

The first update, 1/26, was about the respawning of loot in game while the 1/27 update was for the adjustments?possibly the types and frequency of the items you can find.

The 1/26 update, if I have to be honest, didn?t actually work or it didn?t do anything useful for the loot system. However, the 1/27 update have greatly improved the loot spawn rate to the point that you will have to drop an item for you to get another one.

That?s my dilemma with this update; the items you can find are too much! But to be honest, I don?t actually mind going through the houses in Lone Pine Development and go back to my camp and store the items I?ve found and do some few runs again?rinse and repeat process.

Here is the screen cap of my inventory in H1Z1 that I have taken a few hours ago when I played for like 30 ? 45 minutes.

Image credits: H1Z1, screen capture by Author

Image credits: H1Z1, screen capture by Author

Image credits: H1Z1, screen capture by Author

Image credits: H1Z1, screen capture by Author

You might say that, ?Meh! That?s pretty much average for a 30 ? 45 minutes supply run? that may be true but surprisingly, I?ve only searched 4 to 6 houses during that time span?well, 15?? 20?minutes of searching and the rest is clearing out my fence from walkers and chopping down trees for more arrows.

So in conclusion, canned foods are now pretty much common and in 4 houses that you will search, you can find (roughly) 5-6 canned food in them. Don?t get me wrong though, too much loot is actually pretty good?in a PvE server that is. The only thing you will worry about are the zombies and nothing else?also the wolves! Don?t forget about those little rascals!

What do you think of the latest loot patch for H1Z1? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image credits: H1Z1, screen cap by Author

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