‘Don’t Watch This Video Of A Guy Popping His Whitehead, Or Else You Won’t Stop[Viral]’

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Is there anyone sane enough not to react as a guy calmly lies down as his whitehead is being popped?

There?s one thing our parents taught us when we were kids: NEVER, ever try popping our own pimples. However, it may be one of the hardest things to resist.

Why You Love Picking Your Own Cysts

Picking out and popping your pimples is not worth the scars, and it may even possibly infect the surrounding skin. It may spread and be bigger and nastier. However, it?s hard to resist the urge to remove it from your skin.

Even if we follow a healthy diet and use daily facial wash and other treatments, pimples can still appear. There are some safe ways to extract zits and pimples from your face, according to dermatologists. However, picking it out yourself seems so rewarding.

Watch The Guy Picking His Whitehead

In the video below, the man lies down gently as the doctor tries to squeeze out the pus from his massive pimple. I?m very curious how this man kept such chunk of zits on his tiny face.

The Satisfaction

There is something really satisfying about picking our own pimples. It could be because you?re releasing all that toxic material from your pores. Or you could be shocked by the amount of fluid that can burst out of your skin.

To have healthy skin, it?s very important to keep your lifestyle in check. This includes exercise and diet?because eating oily foods may result in overproduction of oil on your face. It?s also important to always keep your face clean and wash off makeup at the end of the day.

Just like the guy popping his whitehead, it is also very addictive to pick our own pimples. The urge to watch videos like this is also hard to resist. For more similar videos, click here and here.

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