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Guns N’ Roses Detained for Gun Possession in Canada

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Legendary rock band Guns N? Roses have been detained at the Canadian border for gun possession. It was no other than frontman Axl Rose who revealed it to the sold-out crowd at the Toronto?s Rogers Center Saturday night, July 16. He waited until the 18th song of their set to tell the crowd the interesting story. It seems appropriate that the song was Out Ta Get Me.

Here he is telling the story himself.

He revealed that they were not arrested but merely detained. He also revealed that the customs officers were quite nice. In fact, he said they were very nice. They, he added, were very understanding. He jokingly said ?that stuff like forgetting that you have a gun happens. He also cleaned his hands saying that it wasn?t his.

In a report by Billboard, a Guns N? Roses representative confirmed the story also adding that the gun did not belong to any member of the band. The representative said that the incident happened on Friday, July 15, when they were crossing the border coming from a tour stop in Philadelphia. This was not the only time that the band had gotten into trouble in the Canadian border.

In 1988, in a Spin interview, Axl Rose revealed that he was just arrested once in that year and that was at the Canadian border. Diehard Guns N? Roses fans might remember this incident which involved him and his stun gun. Rose revealed that he did not know that stun guns were illegal in Canada. This incident might have prompted him to say in the recent detainment that the gun ?was not his.? This was pretty much an inside joke that those in the higher tiers of Guns N? Roses fandom just might get.

This though was quite different from the Red Hot Chili Peppers incident where they were mistaken for Metallica by customs officials in Belarus. They were forced to sign merchandise and photos.

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