Gundam Thunderbolt TV Series Announced: Plot, Cast, And Possible Release Date Revealed

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The latest Gundam series was revealed and more details will be posted soon.

It was revealed that a new series will premiere soon in Japan, Gundam Thunderbolt is based on the ongoing manga spin-off series. Thunderbolt is set during the One Year War of the Universal Centrury; the same timeline with the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime that was aired on 1979 and the recent Gundam UC mini-series which premiered in 2010. The story will set in the ?Thunderbolt Sector?, formerly a space colony called Side 4 Mua, is now a shoal zone with numerous wrecks of space colonies and warships.

A story synopsis was already provided from the official website:

Universal Century 0079. Federation troops and Zeon forces carry out a fierce battle in the “Thunderbolt Sector” in what was once Side 4 “Mua”. The “Thunderbolt Sector” is a shoal zone composed of the debris of destroyed space colonies, named for the electrical discharges from the metal debris. MS pilot Io Flemming is among the Federation soldiers who are dispatched to the area, where Zeon sniper Daryl Lorenz awaits them on the battlefield.

The official website of Gundam Thunderbolt also revealed the key visual of the first episode of the series which featured the two protagonists; Ensign Io Flemming of the Earth Federation with his Full Armor Gundam and Sergeant Daryl Lorentz of the Principality of Zeon with his red Psycho Zaku, it also has a tagline that translated as “The two are fated to kill each other.”



The Gundam Thunderbolt manga was published by Shogakukan’s Big Comic Superior magazine and published the first chapter in March 2012 and currently it just published its sixth compiled book volume and was released last October 30. No details have been revealed on who will direct, produce and will animate the series.

Currently there is still an ongoing Gundam series this season called Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans which has its own original timeline and not connected with other recent Gundam series.

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