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Gundam Mecha Tribute: ?Silent Hill? Art Director Joined Fans On Zaku Day

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The numbers continues to rise.

And the fandom ?Gundam mecha? chooses no particular person.

Well, even the great art director of the known Japanese survivor horror video game ?Silent Hill.? Masahiro Ito, who is considered to be a monster designer due to his work on the popular horror video game, joined the many fans creating their own illustrations of Gundam Mecha in celebration of Zaku Day, a report from Crunchy Roll said.

Ito, who was also the background director of ?Silent Hill,? tweeted his black and white sketch of the Gundam mecha for his contribution in the special occasion for mobile suit fans in Japan. But what is Zaku day?

According to a separate article from Crunchy Roll website, March 9 turned out to be extraordinary day for ?green-haired vocaloid fans? as the Japanese pronunciation of 3 and 9 coincidentally is ?Miku? or ?Zaku.?

Gundam fanatics, of course, did not take the date for granted as they took to social media their own way of celebrating the special occasion by making and posting superb illustrations. It should be noted that Gundam have a series of mobile suits named ?Zaku.? Isn?t that amazing?

Meanwhile, just a brief background, ?Silent Hill? is a horror video games franchise of Konami and Konami Digital Entertainment. It was created by Keiichiro Toyama.

The series of the survival horror game were developed and planned out by a group within then Konami subsidiary Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. The five games were named as the following: Origins, Homecoming, Shattered Memories, Downpour and Book of Memories.

The video game is set in an invented town in America and was influenced by psychological horror. Please note that it was not, by its entirety, patterned against other horror video games in Japan, which give emphasis on weapons and have a strong protagonist. This video game used a character called ?everyman? who is an ordinary character but usually found in crucial circumstances.

Learned something new? If you happen to be a fan of horror-themed games, why not give ?Silent Hill? a try. And oh, we hope you had an artsy, happy Zaku Day!

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