Gundam Build Fighters Try One More Time

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Gundam Build Fighters
Gundam Build Fighters

The immense popularity of Gundam Build Fighters paved the way for a direct continuation of the series called Build Fighters Try. Since the end of the second season of the anime in April 2015, fans have been clamoring for a successor to the adventures of Kamiki, Yuuma, Fumina ?and the rest of the gang.

Last week, Bandai and Sunrise were able to heed the call of these ?gundamaniacs? by releasing a one-hundred second promotional video (PV) of the upcoming Gundam Build Fighters Try: Island Wars.

Confirmed to be an Original Video Animation (OVA), the story brings back together the entire gang, including the Try Fighters team, who are all invited to be test pilots for Yajima Corporation?s new battle system. They are brought to a Nielsen Lab in the Southern Island, where they are engulfed by a mysterious event.

Aside from the general premise, little details were given regarding the story of the OVA, but the PV did give fans a preview of some of the Gunpla, which will be included in the special episode. This of course includes the Try Team?s trio of Kamiki Burning Gundam, Star Winning Gundam and Lightning Gundam Strider (which is already equipped with the Mk-III of its Back Weapon System). Other mecha shown in the awesome PV were the Gyancelot (probably piloted by Susumu Sazaki), Shia Qan[T], Scramble Gundam, BearGGuy P (Unofficial Name and probably piloted by Mirai) and the ZZ-II.

Who do you think are the pilots of the other Gundam?

But, fans will just have to wait for one more month to find out! Sunrise has disclosed that the special episode will air on TV Tokyo and its affiliates on August 21, 2016. There is no news on if or when an English or subtitled version will be released, but at least there is still the guarantee that we can still look forward to another Gundam Build Fighters adventure.

Gundam Build Fighters

Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars

To see the entire promotional video of Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars, click here.

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