Guild Wars 2 Trailer World Premiere

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Well my fellow PC gamers, the time is almost upon us for the greatness that we all know as Guild Wars 2. The upcoming sequel to the massively successful free to play online MMORPG Guild Wars has sent out E-Mails this morning with the debut of the GW2 trailer.

The visuals are in one word amazing.

Look, I know that not everyone likes to pay for online gaming let alone having a fixed monthly fee just to adventure with your guild. If you haven’t played the original Guild Wars then you don’t truly know what the PC has to offer online RPG gamers.

I have been playing the original GW for years now and I still have it installed on my PC since I like to jump in from time to time. I have yet, after all these years completed every quest with in the game.

Well, enough of my fanboy ramblings just check out the first Guild Wars 2 trailer and decide for your self. Enjoy…Peace Out.

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