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?Guild Wars 2? Is Now Free To Play!

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Yep, you can now play the game for free without actually purchasing the base game.

ArenaNet has dropped the bomb first at IGN about the change on their business model a few days back, but they have formally announce it during the Guild Wars 2 panel on PAX Prime 2015.

To access the game for free, all you have to do is head on to their website and sign up, then download the game and that?s it.

But of course like all retail-turned-free-to-play MMOs, all free accounts will have restrictions in the game, some of these include fewer character slots and bag slots compared that from the paid users. Chats were also limited, only granting free users the use of local chat and private chat, however private chat has some restrictions like you can start a new conversation again after 30 seconds upon the creation of the previous conversation, map chat will be disabled from them to avoid the abuse of using free accounts that could be led to spamming, gold selling and botting.

Free accounts can still buy and sell items, however they cannot send gold and items through mails directly to players nor selling gold for gems and even accessing guild vaults. They can?t also be able to skip certain levels based on their current levels, for example they cannot skip the starting level until they are at least level 10 or even the World vs World area if they are not level 60. This is to avoid the abusive use of bots to farm in high level areas that would disrupt the gameplay of others.

They will be able to remove the restriction if they will purchase the Heart of Thorns expansion pack of Guild Wars 2 priced at $50 which will be available on October 23, the new expansion will feature more additional content, including raid missions. Existing players will be receiving a Royal Guard outfit right after the free-to-play announcement.


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