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Guidecraft Art Table and Chair Set: Increase Your Kid’s Productivity and Motivation at Home

Keep your kids focused on pursuing their hobbies and achieving their goals, even at home.

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Let your kids learn and enjoy with the Guidecraft art table and chair set:

  • Enhance kids’ creativity and productivity
  • Encourage kids to become organized and flexible
  • Help kids stay focused and explore their skills
  • Provide a healthy learning environment

Most kids have a short attention span. They often get easily distracted and this could affect their productivity, concentration, and overall performance. Some of the factors that might distract them include their learning environment and the tools they use to study or do activities, whether at home or at school. Guidecraft can help them stay focused and motivated when studying, pursuing their hobbies, and achieving their goals, even at home.

Build a healthy learning environment and unleash their creativity with the Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids’ Art Table and Stool Set. This art table and stool set provide an all-in-one space for kids to study, draw, paint, read, and do different activities.

This table and stool set includes paint cups, six fabric bins, two stools, and a starter roll of paper suitable for kids aged 4 to 10. With it, they can discover and hone their skills, especially in art. It also creates a bridge between living and learning spaces to train them to balance their studies and hobbies.

Kids will be more organized and flexible using this art table and stool set as well, thanks to its uniquely designed storage solutions. You can place it in their playroom or bedroom, or in your living area or garden—wherever is comfortable. 

The set is made from easy-to-clean birch and engineered wood to ensure durability. The large and spacious art table with rounded edges is big enough for two to three kids. They can draw, do their homework, and read at the table together, in turn encouraging them to become more creative and productive. 

Assembly is required in setting up the art table and stool set. You can ask your kids to help you out by handing you the tools. This will definitely liven up kids to study, create, and engage in meaningful activities.

$449.95 $499.95discoubted $50.00free shipping on your first order.

Get $10 off your first purchase