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I’ve just hit the forums since coming back from the NYCC and PS3 gamers are in an uproar over some controller lag in KZ2. It’s becoming such an issue that there are several threads over on the official PS3 boards about it. I only played the demo once but I didn’t have a problem with the controls. There are however, several Youtube videos being posted that demonstrate the problem. Look, I told you guys a few podcasts ago that this game plays like no other FPS you’ve ever played. Yes, it has weight and yes, it’s not as fast as COD4. It’s a different type of game. I’m not gonna lie, the videos will ultimately scare some gamers away. Don’t let them scare you away. If you’ve played the beta and the demo, you know what to expect. If you haven’t played the game at all, give it a chance before jumping to conclusions. Like I said about the RE5 controls, I can accept any convention a game throws at me. I will do the same with KZ2.

Here’s the response from Seb Downie that was posted in the Playstation Boards. Credit to these findings goes to OOG on N4G. I’ve also posted a couple of Youtube videos after the quote.

Hey folks,

I have been looking at this with one of our Game Designers and we are starting to come to the conclusion that this is down primarily to the design decision to make the game weightier. Killzone 2 is not a ‘twitchy’ shooter like some of you might be (rightfully) accustomed to and we think it might simply be down to some growing pains on some people’s behalf. In this demo we also did not add the section that comes before this where a player would naturally climatize to the controls and have simply dumped you on Corinth River, so I think a lot of these complaints will be negated by the players natural progression through the full game.

So at this moment we are not considering it a bug, or anything that needs to be patched.

We do suggest however not having the sensitivity on full as this can make the appearence of a delay seem more aggressively. Work your way up the sensitivity scale slowly as you become more accustomed to the game.

Also seeing if there are any post-processing settings on your TV you could shut off without negating the visual quality of the game or if you have a ‘Gaming’ setting to try that as few TVs are set up as standard for gaming and often require some tweaking.

This does not mean we are going to pull a blanket over our heads and stop evaluating this and looking into it and allowing you guys an adjustment period and I will pick this up with some coders on Monday as well to see what they say.

What i am however interested in, what FPS games have you just recently or are playing currently. The majority of people on here seem to not have any issues adjusting and we think it might simply down to a certain mindset more than anything, which is of course of interest to us too from a playability standpoint.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you all to show some restraint and keep the forums a bit more tidy. We pride ourselves here on having a mature forum and encouraging healthy discussion, but the past few days it has been anything but healthy and a lot of the conversations have simply been drowned out. So please take a deep breath, take a break and if I have any more information about this I will let you know. I’ll try and be on here this weekend, but with the massive amounts of posts and threads I can’t promise to read and react to everything. I do after all have my actual job to do :smileywink:. I also want to thank those of you that have helped identify what is going on and to let you know that we will continue to take on all constructive feedback to help us make better games.

Have a good Friday folks.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that I heard from Sony something else you might want to try out. Having a direct input of your PS3 to your TV, rather than it going through a secondary system can improve things. Try it out and let me know if you notice some difference.

Seb Downie – QA Manager – Guerrilla Games

[youtube 5yFa_EZORYo]

[youtube 7yJmVpmcSjE]

[youtube GDZRQAnMSRc]

Source: Playstation Boards

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