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Guardians Of The Galaxy Game: Plot, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know About Telltale Games’ New Project

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The Guardians of the Galaxy game is one of the most anticipated franchise yet to be released. The Game Awards debuted the game’s first official trailer. It looks like the Telltale Games project is making it’s way sometime this 2017.

Release Date

While there’s no official release date confirmed yet for the Guardians of the Galaxy game, GameStop previously listed the game for pre-order. According to the retailer, it’ll become available on April 25 this year for $29.99. It’s likely this is the real release date considering it launches near the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Volume 2 movie, which hits theaters in May.  


According to the synopsis of the game given by GameStop, “The Guardians discover an artifact of unspeakable power.”Each member of the guardians has their own plan on using it. This is also true with a ruthless enemy who is the last of her kind. She will stop at nothing to tear it from their hands.

Star-Lord and his quirky yet deadly group of rowdy runaways are once again the main characters of the game. You can expect to see Groot, Rocket, Drax and Gamora being led by the infamous Peter Quill in this five part episodic game series.

Players will get to travel as Star-Lord accompanied by his crew to different places all around the universe. From Earth to the ends of Knowhere, the crazy bunch will stop at nothing to finish what they started.

Like other video games made by Telltale, expect a narrative based game where each decision you make has affects the outcome of the story. Your choices will have severe consequences and how things play out in the end. You can expect a lot of point and click gameplay along with Quick Time Events for action scenes. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and mobile devices. Look forward to an adventure packed missions of galactic proportions, along with some badass retro music to keep you company along the way.

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