Guardians of The Galaxy 2 News: Rocket?s Origin Story, New Characters, And More Revealed!

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The origins of Rocket including new Guardians members were hinted recently by Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Director James Gunn?as he?confirmed both spoilers after responding to a GOTG fan.

Guardians of The Galaxy Director responds to a fan. Photo lifted from MoviePilot.

Guardians of The Galaxy Director responds to a fan. Photo lifted from MoviePilot.

This means that we will be seeing a lot of Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) as we might delve into the racoon?s life and how he came to be. In the first movie, it can be remembered in the first movie that Rocket was a science experiment gone wrong, and that he now carries a lot of angst because of it.

In the comics, Rocket was created along with several animals by abandoned robots as an act of revenge for not funding their research, Moviepilot reported. The Marvel movies however like to stray away from the comics and this may be no different especially as Gunn likes to deviate from the source material.

GOTG 2 Is Original Story, Will Deviate From Comics

A different origin story for Rocket may be seen as Gunn previously said he originally wrote the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 story.

??The story for Guardians 2 is an original story that I came up with that I started working on actually while I was shooting Guardians 1, and it?ll answer some of the questions that were put forth in the first movie about Peter Quill?s father and who he is and what?s going on with that,? Gunn said.

This rumor may be true as Gunn previously said that the movie will be a more intimate flick.

?I think it?s a more emotional movie. It?s both a bigger movie and a smaller movie because we focus more intensely on some of the characters.?

New Guardians of the Galaxy 2 members

It seems that the existing team of Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Drax, and Rocket will be getting additional members. Gunn?s response to the fan was already hinted in an interview before when he said that aside from fleshing out the story, important characters will also be introduced.

?We?ll get to know some of the characters who will be very important to [the] Guardians movies and probably important to the Marvel Universe as a whole.?

Movie pilot reports the following who could be new members:

  • Agent Venom aka Flash Thompson
  • Bug (an actual bug/insect)
  • Mantis
  • Moondragon (long lost daughter of Drax)

Iron Man enjoyed GOTG

It seems that Robert Downey Jr. who plays playboy millionaire Tony Stark/Iron Man will be closely anticipating GOTG2 as he regards it as the ?best Marvel movie?: ?Galaxy in some ways is the best Marvel movie ever? It?s odd for someone with-on occasion- an ego the size of mine to actually say that!,? Robert Downey Jr. said last year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 will start shooting anytime between February and March 2016. The film will be released on May 5, 2017.

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