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Guardians of the Galaxy Video Game: TellTale Games Working On Narrative-Driven Game For PS4, Xbox One, And PC?

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With the current trend of mobile game releases following a box-office hit movie, a Guardians of the Galaxy video game is not an exemption. True enough, there are rumors spreading around that there will be a Guardians of the Galaxy video game in the near future.

It was revealed back in April 2015 that TellTale Games would be working on a Marvel game. What that Marvel title was not announced at the time. However, documents has shown that the people at TellTale Games might have their hands on a new Guardians of the Galaxy video game. TellTale games is also the creator of the popular Walking Dead video game and recently, Batman. So rest assured that this new Marvel game is in capable hands.


The information was burrowed out from the list of games struck by the?Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). Who are they? Well, they are none other than a union for voice actors that gives life to our gaming world (they were the ones who recently had a strike, resulting in the leaked game list).

There is still no news as to what the gameplay and the whole theme is for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy video game. There is also nothing mentioned as to what type of platform it will be available on. All that we know is that this is the said ?Unannounced Marvel Game? from TellTale Games. Based on the developer’s track record, they have made all of their recent games available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Android, and iOS.?

This will be an interesting and challenging take for TellTale Games, which is known for their production themes that incorporate gloomy, tenacious and realistic atmosphere to their games. The Guardians of the Galaxy video game will be a total opposite of what they’ve been doing recently, if they follow the original storyline and feel of the comic books.

It is possible that the Guardians of the Galaxy video game could only be some sort of mobile tie-in to the movie ?Guardians of the Galaxy 2,? which will take place around April 2017. However, a TellTale Games version with the same style as the developer’s notable titles would be more awesome.?

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