GTA V : Strip Club DLC Leaked!

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We?ve got some new info regarding the GTA Online?s strip clubs. We pretty much assume that this is the kind of stuff you wanna know about, so read on.

New leaked photos of the upcoming Strip Club DLC has been circulating the web. Interesting information regarding the Strip Club?s possible location details, as well as secret interiors are being revealed.

An unknown fan is said to have found two upcoming strip clubs in GTA Online that is based on a code found in the game. The code has given us maps of the interiors for these two clubs.

The first club seems very similar to Hornbills, a strip club that runs 24/7. Both clubs are rectangular in shape, and may be the same kind of club.
On the other hand, the second one which is the Bahama Mamas looks like a bona fide club. The kind of club where you can do drinking, dancing or both. Just like the kind of clubs you can find in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Who knows if either of the two clubs will just be ordinary clubs? If we were Rockstar, we would organize it ?so that people will have new ways to socialize, or maybe even use those clubs as taverns/base for new missions.

Anyway, have you noticed the featured image we?ve used?? Well, it looks like the company has intentionally added the famous “Rihanna” as one of the club?s strippers. We are not going to pretend that we know what the? famous celebrity?s reaction to this could be, but we are hoping that she will not follow Lindsay Lohan?s? footsteps.

Just in case you guys don?t know, Lindsay Lohan, the fallen starlet, attempted to sue both Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive because she thinks that the publishers used her likeness for one of Grand Theft Auto V?s non-playable character, Lacey Jonas, without her permission. LiLo also cited an image of the video game?s cover in her suit.

GTA V is expected to arrive later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.



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