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GTA V Next Gen: Why You Have To Buy It Again

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Rockstar?s GTA V is most certainly one of the biggest games in 2013. The game features three iconic characters to choose from, hours? worth of objectives to accomplish and plenty of the open-world gameplay just like what we have expected from the franchise. No wonder, it quickly became successful on PS3 and Xbox 360.

This fall, GTA V will make a presumably triumphant return, this time on the new generation of consoles, PS4, Xbox One along with the PC. The previously released missions and DLCs will be included, along with the GTA Online?s full content.

So, will Rockstar?s GTA V be worth purchasing again? Hell yeah! And here are plenty enough of reasons you will double dip.

GTA V Is One Heck Of A Ride
Numerous gamers beat the game?s main story mode, but that doesn?t necessarily mean they?re not allowed to go back and have some fun. Whether it?s getting into driveby?s and gun battles, causing havoc on the freeway or just simply exploring the ?city using a jet plane while you outrun soldiers beneath the ground, there are tons of fun stuff to enjoy.

GTA Online Is Still Addictingly Good
Rockstar Games has opened a huge component alongside GTA V when it launched GTA Online, a multiplayer world where you can create your own events, shootouts and more. At first, GTA Online is a little buggy, but the game received its much needed development love, and should even be better in Sony?s consoles, PC and Microsoft.

Save Files Can Be Transferred From The Previous Game
One thing that frustrates every player is when game publishers releases a new version of a pre-released game, but does not allow to transfer their progress. Announced at E3 last month, you will be able to port your character in GTA Online and progress to the new game, then continue where you left off. However, you will be needing to start the Story Mode over again, but that is not a bad thing actually. You can also try a different character.

You Have Not Found All The Secrets
Like any other GTA games, GTA V contains a lot more hidden secrets. It could be special vehicles or some hidden goodies like UFO parts, there?s a ton of great stuff to find in the entire Blaine County and Los Santos. There?s a high probability that only a few gamers managed to find 100% of this content, so the upcoming release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 will give them another chance to somehow catch up.
Rockstar may even add some bonus contents to keep both newcomers and veterans occupied. Who knows, right?

Grand Theft Auto V will be released later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and is also available now in PS3 and Xbobx 360.
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