GTA V Import/Export Update is Not for Everyone; Cash Flow May Halt the Game’s Success Story

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It?s been months since the GTA V game dominated the videogame world and now, it has expanded to new heights with its Import/Export feature. Unfortunately, not everything about the feature has been welcomed by players; long after it showed the honest realization of needing cash flow in order to enjoy the game.

Before you jump into conclusion; we?re talking about the in-game cash wherein; players need to save an amount to be able to play the GTA V game. Unfortunately for the Import/Export feature of the game; the massive amount of money needed in order to acquire special cars is just ridiculous.

Just this week, Rockstar released the GTA Online Import/Export feature wherein, players are encouraged to steal exotic cars in order to make money online. It?s fun and it?s challenging; but the main setback lies on the bottom part of the game where players are just starting. Despite the game being a challenge and players are encouraged to work their way to the top; the lower level of players can?t help but watch the ?rich? play their way to acquiring more exotic and special vehicles to add to their garages.

In the previous GTA V Biker DLC, players were given the chance to play as the CEO of a newly acquired motor business. Others can choose to be the an all around help, which also brings large amount of money. The Biker DLC is where Rockstar introduced to players their choice to become a Prospect to the President of the organization.

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And that?s where the idea of massive amount of money needed in order to enjoy the GTA Online Import/Export game. Apparently in the game, this new feature allows CEOs to invest their hard earned money; through import and exporting of stolen valuable cars.

Cars You Can Buy on GTA V Worth Millions

Meanwhile, for GTA V ?players who have millions sitting around on their cash bin, here?s the list of new vehicles available for you to spend your money. First off, there?s the large metal plow that you can use to make way for your cars during the winter season. Others include the Ruiner 2000, Blazer Aqua, Ramp Buggy, Wastelander and Brickade.

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