GTA V Update: Christmas Goodies, New Cars, and More

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Developer Rock Star has released an update during the weekend for their video game GTA V. The patch brings new contents that will give the Christmas feels onto the game. So, without further ado, here are the inclusions of the update.

The patch brought snowy elements to Los Santos that will mimic the first mission in the story mode. This update will also enable gamers having a snowball fight against each other online. It is something that the developer has been doing for GTA online during this holiday season.

Moreover, the patch also added a new Adversary mode through the form of Juggernaut. The gameplay is pretty easy. You are going to be in heavy armor with heavy weapons. The objective of the mode is for you to kill other Juggernauts. Another way of winning the game is when you survive the mode and your opponent has died.

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Another thing that Rock Games added to GTA V is the new vehicle customization. It is also available in the Adversary mode which you can check as long as you have downloaded the update.

In relation, a new vehicle also arrived in the game. It is the new custom Pfister Comet. According to reports, the customized Comet will turn the car into a ?gritty urban dragster.? It will become a low-rider with gamers still have the chance to upgrade its other parts.

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Lastly, the update also delivered free Christmas goodies to the gamers. According to the official site of Rock Star Games, players will receive items like unicorn mask. Also included in the googies are blue or white pajamas, a fireworks launcher with ammo, 200 extra rounds of carbine rifle ammo, a marksman rifle with 200 rounds of free ammo, knuckle dusters, and a full set of explosives if they have logged in GTA Online over the weekend.

There you have it! Some of the key details you need to know about the Christmas update on GTA V. Are you satisfied with these contents? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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