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GTA Online Independence Day Special Update Available Now!

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Do you already have plans this coming?Independence Day? Well, if not, then you can go look to celebrate it with?GTA Online. Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games recently announced their Independence Day Special in celebration of the upcoming holiday on July 4. The special content for Grand Theft Auto Online features two new cool rides, ?Made in the U.S.A.? t-shirts, special crate drops, and 17 new jobs.

If you choose to get the limited time content, you will be given a Sovereign motorcycle and a Liberator monster truck. They will also give you access to a high-powered Musket gun and a U.S.A.-themed Firework Rocket Launcher. The update will also be featuring various designs of ?Made in the U.S.A.? t-shirts. Special crate drops will also be available which contains 6 different Beer Hats and an exclusive Statue of Happiness t-shirt.

Aside from the tangibles, the Independence Day Special offers 17 new GTA Online missions including three contact missions which are available from the Start Menu. Additionally, there will also be 14 other jobs across various game modes. All these missions have certain rank requirements before you can access them.

The update also includes other game tuning updates, including a new On Call Matchmaking function, which allows players to accept a Job invite and continue playing in Freemode until the job fills up. This reduces idle time spent while waiting for a Job to start.


A lot of other content and bug fixes are included in the update as well. Rockstar posted its patch notes so you can go check it out yourself.

The Independence Day special seasonal content is already available to be redeemed in-game until mid-July (no specific date has been announced yet). That?s only about two weeks from now, folks. If you?re looking to celebrate your Independence Day with Rockstar, then better launch your GTA V and start downloading now!

Image Source: Rockstar Games Official Site

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