GTA Online: Heist Details Leaked

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Details for GTA?s online multiplayer Heist has been reportedly been leaked online by YouTube user, DomisLive. His videos reveal details on different Heist missions.

Grand Theft Auto Online Heist missions will include the following, according to Official Xbox Magazine.


Criminals must stop a van that is driven by an NPC to free a gang member, and take him back to gang house. The mission opens at rank 5 and is activated by a phone call. Also, a maximum of sixteen criminals and sixteen cops can join the mission.


Blips will come into sight in the player?s territories, and the player has to pick a prostitute up and drop her off in a designated area before the time limit runs out.?


Gang members will escort a lieutenant?s hearse all the way through town, while rival gang members must get in the hearse to destroy it. The mission will start after the Escort Crooks Boss is killed. The coordinates of the funeral home are, 410 ? 1485.


Two teams will fight with each other. The gang lieutenant will pick two team mates to fight with a fist to fist battle as a part of the initiation.


Players can take over territories in-game by fighting. Steam revenue will be produced in the territory for the owner.


Cops will be put into mission to take over a territory without a choice to turn it down.


Get behind the counter, break into the vault, steal the money and drop it off at the designated location.?Sixteen cops and four criminals are allowed to join this mission.


Descend the FBI tower, break in, download the data and then escape. Sixteen cops, four criminals, four crew, three abseilers and one driver can join this mission. The four crew will ride a chopper to the FBI roof, while the three abseilers break through a window into an office and hack the data terminal. On the other hand, the driver dumps the helicopter and gets a vehicle to escape. The remaining players will skydive out of the office to a getaway vehicle. Cops will only be allowed to join the mission once the crooks are inside the office, and try to catch and arrest them.

The original plan was to release GTA Online Heist earlier this year, but the feature got delayed because they needed more time to develop the game, according to Rockstar Games.


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