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The Lost and Damned puts you in the shoes of Johnny Klebitz, the Vice President of the Alderney Lost MC chapter. Billy Grey, the chapter’s President, has been in rehab for a year. During this year Johnny has made truces with many gangs throughout Liberty City, enabling the Lost to become one of the bigger gangs in the city. As soon as Billy gets out of rehab all hell breaks loose because he wants to shoot first and ask questions later. This creates tension between Billy and Johnny, this tension serves as the main plot throughout the rest of the story.  GTAIV’s storyline gets tied in beautifully and seamlessly and in turn adds more to Niko’s story. Ever wonder who kidnapped Roman? Or who that biker you killed for Faustin really was? All these questions are answered, creating a feeling of a bigger world within Liberty City.

The graphics are what you come to expect from GTA and they’re no slouch. The RAGE engine has the nicest weather effects aside from Killzone 2 and makes the city feel as if you’re actually there. TLAD comes with a screen filter that makes the environment look darker and dirtier, this is a default setting but it can be easily turned off from the menu screen.

The controls are the exact same as IV, but the motorcycle controls have been improved. The controls for the motorcycles in IV were very sensitive and not just because you were riding ninja style bikes because the odd time you would find a chopper in IV the sensitivity would still be too high. Thankfully in TLAD the motorcycles seem to hug the road more, creating the situation where you will most likely only use a vehicle when the story calls for it. TLAD also adds more weapons and vehicles. New weapons include: an automatic pistol, sawed-off shotgun and pipe bombs. New vehicles include Jonny and Billy’s custom bikes.

Multiplayer has been beefed up with 6 new modes:
Witness Protection – One team is The Lost biker gang and they must try to eliminate a bus carrying witnesses while the other team is NOOSE who try to protect the bus as it delivers the witnesses to police stations around Liberty City.
Race – Racing on bikes while carrying bats and smashing each other, based on the video game Road Rash.
Lone Wolf Biker – Free for all style mode where one player is the Lone Wolf and all other players must chase and kill that player to become the Lone Wolf. At the end of the game, whoever was the Lone Wolf for the longest time, wins.
Own the City – Try to gain control of the city section by section, based on San Andreas’ gang wars.
Club Business – Like the original Mafia mode in GTA IV, but with a total of 8 players riding together as one gang. You receive calls from Angus who tells you to carry out certain tasks for The Lost.
Chopper vs. Chopper – Helicopter vs. bike. Bike rider tries to get through checkpoint while helicopter tries to stop the biker.
These new modes are fun to play and it’s a shame that the GTA online community has faded away.

This DLC is definitely a must buy for anyone who has GTA IV, and if you don’t go pick up a used copy of IV and play through both you’re missing out. The Lost and Damned defines what an episodic DLC pack should be and for this it earns an SS.


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