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?GTA 6? PS4 Rumors: New Game To Use Whole Map Of USA? More ?Meaningful? Relationships For Characters? And Possible New Details Revealed!

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GTA 6 Rumors

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) still has a couple of years before it officially comes out as Rockstar Games is still in the process of finishing Red Dead Redemption 2. But fans have already started speculating what?s in store for the new game after the rather successful GTA 5.

GTA 6 PS4 Rumors

For one, some people are talking about the whole of America as possible playground for GTA 6, but right now this is actually wishful thinking. According to Movie Pilot, this is an idea that players responded with support, along with a few additional gameplay improvements that could really move the series in the right direction once GTA 6 gets its release date for the XBOX One, PS4 and PC.

Some are talking about the possibility of going back to Vice City, although doing different missions across a player?s city of choice would be absolutely awesome. This idea is not new to the crew in GTA 5, but fans are hoping for a more dynamic experience across states in the new game.

Aside from the location, fans have included a few other requests on their list for GTA 6. One that continuously cropped up was relationships. Some fans would really love to see the option to date people in the future of the franchise and cultivate that relationship into a marriage. You could move in together, have children and it would impact on the story and campaign in many ways ? Sims much? Well it has definitely worked for Fallout Shelter, and that?s a mobile game.

Another rumor is the return of the notorious 6-star status for the characters. According to Christian Today, “GTA 6” could also be bringing back the six-star wanted status that has been absent in the last few “Grand Theft Auto” games. As loyal “Grand Theft Auto” fans will remember, attaining six-star wanted status led to the FBI and other high-powered law enforcement agencies breathing down the player’s neck in an attempt to bring him to justice, and that could very well add another layer of complexity to “GTA 6.”

GTA 5 New Game Mods

On the other hand, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to make waves since its launch with new game mods being introduced such as the latest Iron Man Mod. Also, a new DLC seem to be in the works, and hopefully this can tide fans through until the much-awaited launch of GTA 6.

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