GTA 6 News: Will Lindsay Lohan’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Lawsuit Affect Game Development?

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Grand Theft Auto fans are looking forward to the next big game in the series and are waiting for a GTA 6 announcement. It is almost three years since Rockstar released GTA V, and the company has not released any DLC for it. Because of this, fans are assuming that Rockstar is busy on developing GTA 6. However, we also previously reported that GTA Online is the current focus of the studio, but fans are still hoping for a next game in the franchise. Will it still be possible though, considering that there?s an ongoing case against the latest entry in the series, Grand Theft Auto 5?

Last year, American actress Lindsay Lohan filed a case against Rockstar and distributor Take-Two, claiming that the duo had used her likeness in the game without her consent. The actress claimed that the fictional character Lacey Jonas in GTA V was an unequivocal reference to her, Hollywood Reporter stated.

On Friday, New York Supreme Court judge Joan Kenney said that she wants to hear the side of Lohan?s legal team on the issue. Additionally, Kenney also knocked down the claim made by Take-Two regarding the delay made by Lohan in bringing the lawsuit. ?Complaint must be constructed in the light most favourable to the plaintiff, and all factual allegations must be accepted as true,? the court document states.

Overall, the case is getting more complex as time passes by as the Judge has allowed the case to move forward. It seems that Rockstar has another issue to get busy with. Before, the development of GTA Online was the primary thing that kept the studio busy, but now this lawsuit may affect the development of GTA 6, and it is possible that the game may not see the light of day anytime soon.

Rockstar has not announced GTA 6, but the rumor mill is very active in churning out countless pieces of information about the game. Some of them suggest that the next GTA game is likely to take place in the US. Some fans also want Rockstar to introduce two cities in the GTA 6 map.

GTA games usually come out with a gap of five to eight years. Some fans suggest that GTA 6 will be a complete VR game and will be released by 2020.

We hope that Rockstar announces GTA 6 this year. If it does, it?s possible that fans will hear a GTA 6 official release announcement in the next couple of years.

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