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GTA 5 Weekly Update: Big Sale, New Game Mode & Free Pajamas!

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GTA 5 Weekly Update
GTA 5 Weekly Update

Players are in for a big treat for the upcoming GTA 5 weekly update. Double XP events will be up, there?s going to be a sale on items, executive bonuses will be out, a new game mode will start, and everyone gets free pajamas!

Fun Weekend

The weekly promotion is set to start on December 12. As soon as the event is up, Hunting Pack, Entourage, and Extraction will all be giving players double cash rewards. So players might want to focus on these big money makers during this weekend.

Speaking of modes, a new game mode will be made available. The game mode is called ?Deadline mode? and it will reward players with double pay during the duration of the event. Players should definitely clear their weekend because lots of fun and money can be made during the weekly update.

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The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion will be having a sale on customizable items, and other content. The same applies for the Executives and Other Criminals add-ons. Items can receive as much as 50 percent off during the event.

A new add-on will also be up named the Canyon Crossing for the Premium Race. In the add-on, x3 RP will be given out to all players. But the ones who become top finishers will get bigger rewards than usual.

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Finally, players will be able to take out a premium vehicle for a sweet test drive. Players get the chance to use a Super-VIP vehicle during the Premium Race.

Last but not the least, freebies will be out for all GTA 5 players. The next update will give out Smoking Jacket clothes and Blue Paisley Pajamas to everyone. Players just need to go to the clothing store on December 12.

Players should at least log in on December 12 because the free event clothes will only be available for a limited period. Those pajamas are definitely bragging rights in the future.

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