GTA V Update & News: Import/Export Feature Coming Soon; Plus New Details On Upcoming Exotic Cars

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One of the reasons the GTA 6 news wasn?t given as much attention is the fact that Rockstar has strengthened its approach on the GTA V?game. After the Biker DLC arrived a few weeks ago, players were all about investing their enthusiasm on the game. Now, it looks like more is coming according to the recent ?GTA Online? rumors.

Special Cargo business in Southern San Andreas is currently the in thing, but wait ?til you see the next feature on the GTA V?game: the Import/Export of exotic cars in the game. According to reports, the next game DLC will feature the lucrative business of massive ?high-volume exotic car theft.


GTA V Import/Export Details

The GTA V?Import/Export DLC will also feature how CEOs alongside their accomplishes steal exotic cars for them to boost and modify, reselling it at a very high price. Interestingly, the new ?GTA V? Import/Export feature will seek the talent of gamers that are also car enthusiasts. The assembling of cars will depend on how much the player knows the vehicle. Boosting and modifying the rest of its feature will determine the value of the car.

Along with the Import/Export on GTA V?is the addition of a new vehicle warehouse to house the assembled cars. CEOs who make the best profits will have the chance to extend to the Executive Office buildings. The all new Executive Garages are perfect for displaying the modified cars. The latest update on the ?GTA V? reveals that over 60 cars can be displayed in the three-floor Executive Garage. The showrooms will also have its own customizable decor and Auto Shop.

?GTA Online? is all about new and high end vehicles. Soon, when the Import/Export finally arrives on the game, expect massive numbers of exotic vehicles being used, traded, sold and given away as prizes in the game. For more on GTA V?updates and news, read us here on TheBitBag.?

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