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?GTA 5 Online? Update Available: New Mario Kart Mod Announced

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Want more GTA 5 updates? Check out the upcoming patch update a new mod feature.

The upcoming patch update is for the GTA V online mode will let players change the gender of their character. This was according to a whistle blower of the GTA community known as TezFunz, the 2.9 update will be bringing the feature as fans have been requesting for it for so long.


Only a tweet from TezFunz was hinted about the gender-swapping feature for the next patch. No details on when the newest patch will be available, originally it was supposed to be available around August, but it was delayed for an early September release, but right now there are no details if the patch will be available this month.

Meanwhile another crazy GTA V mode went viral, this features a mod where you can play as Mario riding a kart around the Los Santos city. Well technically it is just a Mario mask mod where you can run around the area with a big Mario head, there is also a modded cart where you can ride at it and do crazy stunts like you always do in Mario Kart games, the mod also features a Yoshi, Wario and Toad mask. Created by TheNathanNS for the Mario mask and Chileno for the kart mod, you can check out the video below. Now all it needs is a full mod for a kart racing game.

And another mod that should not be ignored especially if you are a Star Wars fan. This Star Destroyer mode lets you pilot the massive starship, and this not the scaled-down version, we are talking about a real scale Star Destroyer that can dwarf a city block. Created by JJxORACLE from Arterius Modding, you can play this on your game and pretend that you are from the Imperial army taking over Los Santos, you can check out the video below on the massive scale of the starship.

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