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GTA 5 Online: Top 3 Fully Upgraded Vehicles In Bikers DLC

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It might be a few years old, but GTA 5 Online is still going strong. The recent Bikers DLC added plenty of vehicles and race tracks to the game, adding even more gameplay features. With 21 new vehicles, it was hard to figure out which of these were the best of the best.

Thankfully, Broughy1322 has provided players with the best of the 21 vehicles. While all of them can be use for racing, some of them just do not work well for speed. That doesn’t mean they’re outright useless since they can be used to cruise around the city. However, if a player wants to do some racing, these are the ones that should be used.

The Defiler

Once fully upgraded, The Defiler becomes one of the best vehicles to use in GTA 5 Online. While it might not be as fast as the next two vehicles, it’s still pretty great. It was already pretty fast when it wasn’t fully upgraded, but now it’s ridiculously fast. Being the third fastest vehicle out of the 21 new ones is far from a bad thing.

Hakuchou Drag

Easily one of the best vehicles in the game, the Hakuchou Drag is a must have. Despite having drag in the name, this will not bring the player down. In actuality, this has one of the highest top speeds in the entire game. It?s definitely something players should have when they’re in the mood for online races.

The Shotaro

While the past two vehicles are great, none of them are as good as the Shotaro. It?s easily the best vehicle to use in races and just fun to play with in a gameplay standpoint. Fans that participate in these races must get The Shotaro if they want to win or at least do really well.

Overall, all three vehicles are a must-have when racing in GTA 5 Online. Players should do their best to get them when they have the chance. Admittedly, players can actually use some of the slower vehicles and still win if they are skilled enough. That being said, nothing beats having the best vehicles in the game.

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