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GTA 5 Online: Biker DLC Data Leaked, New Features Revealed, GTA 5 Set To Become a MMO?

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GTA 5 Online

GTA 5 may be getting old but Rockstar has still been pushing out great content for this game. Enough to keep its loyal player base, and even enough to make old ones come back to the fold every now and again.

This week, the GTA 5 community gets a surprise?with some sudden great leaks on an upcoming game update. The news come from the popular YouTube MrBossFTW, also known as ROSS. GTA 5 Online is expected to implement the leaked DLC data soon. In addition, the recent patches support speculations that the game is set to become an MMO.

The Leak

YouTuber Ross explains that ?the upcoming DLC is believed to be the most expensive of all the past DLCs. Ross cites a known GTA forum tipster, Funmwy with regards to the four speculated events set to come out on the upcoming DLC.

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Funmw2 believes that the data pertains to future events that will be implemented in the upcoming DLC. It is speculated that these are new timed freemode events in the new DLC. It’s also believed that these events could have been a part of the past Bikers DLC but had since been withheld by Rockstar.

Four freemode events are expected to come out in the next DLC. The four events are as follows: Biker_bad_deal, Biker_initiation, Biker_joust, and Biker_rescue_contact. Although there are?still no specifics on these events, we can only guess what crazy shenanigans these possible events may have in store for us in the future.

GTA Online


GTA 5 has a great campaign game mode with great replay value. But since the start, its multiplayer mode is one of the best selling points of the game. It has a healthy online community that still persists to?this day.

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So it isn?t such a great surprise that Rockstar would actually improve the online multiplayer aspect of the game. The recent Bikers DLC have caused many to speculate that Rockstar is slowly planning to upgrade GTA 5, until it becomes a full fledged MMO.

This speculation is practically realized, considering many already believe that GTA 5 can already be an MMO. However, the essence of the rumor is what we truly believe in. We believe that Rockstar still has some big plans for GTA 5 online. And the recent Biker DLC may just be the beginning of bigger and better things to come in the near future.

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