GTA 5 : Grand Theft Auto 5 PC & 32 Player Online Game Release!

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GTA5-2GTA 5 : Grand Theft Auto 5 PC & 32 Player Online Game Release!

Talk about anticipation for a video game…..

Although there are no announcements yet from Rockstar Games, the information for the impending release of GTA5 for PC is spreading online, including download specs and requirements.

And to add to that, there are also reports that the GTA5 PC online game feature will be able to accommodate a whopping 32 players.GTA5-3

In the GTA5 forums, a member going by the name of ?funmw2? claims insider knowledge on Rockstar Games and the plans for GTA5’s PC Game configuration. The member said that ?PC Version of GTA Online will support 32 max players.?

To prove his assertions, he (funmw2) also posted links and scripts (sourced at which showed ?GTA V Scripts / Sources for PS3 MODZ v1.? and ?HUD_COLOUR_NET_PLAYER1,? to ?HUD_COLOUR_NET_PLAYER32.?

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Video: “GTA 5 PC” Leaked Info! 32 Players in GTA Online, Release Date..(Kronos / YouTube)

This news was supported by another forum member – ?xreppiz? – who said that there have been previous speculations from GTA5 gamers that a PC / Online GTA5 game would have the 32 player configuration.

GTA5-1As previously reported here in The Bitbag ( GTA5: Grand Theft Auto 5 ? Still the Most Popular Video Game In Town. ), France has already posted a pre-order listing for the GTA5 PC game on its site. However, when news began to spread, the listing was taken down, just a few hours after. Instead of killing the news, it has even generated more rumors and speculation on the matter ( hmmmm…maybe it was the intention of Rockstar Games all along). Supposedly, the developers objected to the listing since the game has had no official release announcement. Gamers however are wondering why the same listing is still on the Germany site.

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?Video: GTA 5: PC Release Date & Info (GTA V) (MrJamesGeary / YouTUbe)


The listing in the Amazon Germany site even provides a bit of information about the game. It indicated that the GTA5 PC game will run on Windows 7 and Vista although it did not enumerate the usual minimum system reqs. The site is pre-selling the game at Sixty Euros.

There have also been other reports supporting the coming release. ?PC Gamer? published a report indicating the existence of a ?bug log? containing info on the GTA 5 PC game and they revealed that ? The document contains over 170 references to PC development bugs, numerous notes on DX11 support and a related ‘smog’ weather setting, mention of a ‘lastgen’ toggle used during development and bugs relating to 64-bit system testing.?

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