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GTA 5 Game Mod: Become Marvel?s Iron Man!

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Tired of playing as Tevor, Michael or Franklin? Why not become Iron Man and go crazy around Los Santos with the latest mod in Grand Theft Auto 5?

The idea of having an open world game playing as a superhero was a dream game for every gamer and developer. Some tried it and failed while some made it big like the Batman Arkham series. But if you are that creative enough, why not insert a superhero in an existing open world game.

Thanks to a group of modders, they managed to create an Iron Man character mod that can be played on Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC. With the help of some 3D models from silviuq12 for the entire design of ol?shellhead?s Mk. III armor, along with some game script to make it fully functional, the Iron Man is all set to wreak havoc in Los Santos city.

Complete with thrusters so you can hover and fly around the city, and some nifty signature armaments such as the repulsar rays from his hands, a set of missiles from his shoulders and his powerful unibeam from his chest, and if feel kind of heroic, do an all-powerful rocket punch to anyone or anything that will blast them off the ground. Wrecking the town feels so easy with the fact that you also have a regenerating armor that you can withstand a couple of blows from car crashes and hails of bullets from the police and military.

It?s fun to play as Iron Man, though the mod might still need some minor fixes like the texture on the armor and some refining on the animation, and maybe a voice pack for Iron Man would also be nice. Other than that, the mod was still impressive.

You can download the skin mod and its script be heading to this link, also a big shout-out to JulioNIB for sharing his gameplay video of the mod

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