GTA 5 First Person Mod Available. Provides More Immersion

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GTA V First Person Mod
GTA V First Person Mod

Good news for GTA 5 players who are trying to experience more immersion with the game. A mod is now available to let you play the game in a first person perspective (Similar to Skyrim). You can travel around the huge vastness of the cities in the game, both on-foot. Another good news is, this is for the 360 version. For PC gamers, they won?t have to wait that long after the game is released on their systems, as mods for PC games are easier to push out.

In the video here, you can see that the realism in the mod is pretty impressive. The camera bobs while you walk. You can see your feet when you look down and the camera also moves accordingly with certain actions like running, climbing ladders, jumping, etc. It doesn?t feel like a camera with only a pair of arms in front of you hovering. The character is still there.

Still, the mod is far from being perfect. There?s no crosshair, so aiming is really hard. You can also see some polygon?s from your character?s head sometimes. There?s no way to use any cover while in a fire fight as well, but that would seem like a useless feature anyway if you can?t see what?s happening behind you. Not unless if the first person and third person camera toggles when you go into a cover ala Deus Ex.

Perfect or not, this mod shows that playing the game in the character?s viewpoint would be an even more fantastic experience. Once the PC version is rolled out, it might not be long before a mod that uses the Oculus Rift would be out as well, and Sony, of course, wouldn?t let Microsoft hog all the action in the virtual reality gaming and will use their own VR headset, the Project Morpheus. No official word has been made relating to these speculations, but we can hope as there?s enough interest to such a feature.

Image Source: YouTube (XBLToothpick)

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