GT5 Is Utterly Gorgeous

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I’m a huge racing game fan. I can’t get enough of the next gen racing games. I’m playing Burnout Paradise at the moment but still step back into Forza 2 and Test Drive Unlimited once in awhile. When I’m really feeling like stepping in the oldies but goodies machine, I hit up Rally Cross 2. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Gran Turismo over the years. I love all the features and the cars and the graphics, but I hate the gameplay. I could never get used to slamming my car into a wall at 100mph and just stopping. No crash effects, no car damage, no flips or slides or spin outs, just an instant stop.  Enough about my gripes though. As much as I thought I wouldn’t get back into GT, I can’t help but get a Woodrow over the constant flow of pics coming in. These two sealed the deal for me to at least give Prologue a chance and hopefully become a GT5 owner in the future. Gameplay is always the most important factor though. I’m betting on you Yamauchi!

Thanks to Fu3lFr3nzy on for the pics!




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