GT Sport E3 2016 Build Looks Way Better Than Reveal Trailer

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GT Sport

Polyphony Digital released a new gameplay footage for GT Sport at E3 2016, and it looks gorgeous, with the game now looking better than its reveal trailer. Gran Turismo Sport is coming with more cars, new tracks and many new features, but more importantly, the game now features stunning visuals and sound and looks very close to reality with its new build revealed at E3.

Those who have watched both the reveal and recently released videos can easily compare the difference between the two. On NeoGaf, many fans have been discussing the new videos released, and they also agree with the fact that Polyphony Digital has made significant improvements to the game.

The shift to current-generation console is actually what Gran Turismo needed. The visuals of the game are compelling, and it definitely makes the game stand out among all the racing sims available now. The gameplay featured in the video looks clean and flawless. However, the highly anticipated dynamic feature will not make it in the game, with weather and time of day settings being only adjustable before a race starts.

One of the most popular racing simulators, GT Sport has been breaking the graphics limitations for a long time, and now that the game is moving to the current-generation console, the developers have taken full advantage of the hardware?s power. In any racing simulator, fans may have never seen the vehicles rendered so perfectly. Microsoft?s Forza Motorsport 6 looks pretty amazing, but now it seems that the PS4 exclusive GT Sport might be superior. The race tracks, landscapes, lighting, and cars look close to reality or even better.

The visuals, background settings, music and lighting effects showcased in the recently released trailer could easily excite racing fans. The character and vehicle customization options look extremely user-friendly. The studio also showed off the photography feature that allows players to capture pictures within the game. The game will also feature eSports and three game modes: Arcade, Campaign and Sports Mode.

Polyphony Digital will release GT Sport on November 15 for PlayStation 4.

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