Grueling and Intense Cooperation in ‘Push Me Pull You’

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Imagine a body with 2 heads. It’s possible that the?body tends to be?confused whether it?should go?to the left, or to the right because there are 2 minds thinking which way to go. That can be the dilemma of the players of this uniquely incredible game called Push Me Pull You.

Though the setup, feeling while gaming, and winning is indescribable, it’s very easy to figure out that the other team should never get hold of the ball until the time runs out. This is a game where two people have to closely think together as they operate a single worm-like body with each player’s head end-to-end.

The whole pushing and pulling is fun, crazy, hilarious and very loud as this game requires 4 people to play- a pair against the other. You cannot resist not talking to your partner if you really want to win this game. Most players were observed screaming and inventing their own language as a strategy just to get a hold of the ball to protect.

The developers, House House, touted this game as “A videogame about friendship and wrestling.” Which is really true when it comes to life! When you don’t agree with your friend, especially one who is too familiar and close to you, you guys end up ?wrestling. A wrestling that’s just fine and good for both of you. This is a game of collaboration. When your “animal’s” body is short, there is strength in pushing. When the body is long, the higher chances you have in keeping the ball in your half of the court – make sure you guys are coiling.

Some call this game mesmerizing, others say it’s disgusting but generally, it is a silly game of formation and strategies. One that is really good to play in a gathering of people as this will capture not only the players’ attention, but also the crowd’s. Set to be commercially released in the later part of 2014, this game is designed for PC, Mac and Linux. Future developments by House House include playing this game in consoles.

Image Source: Push Me Pull You

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