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A Growing ISIS Problem: Tech-Savvy Terrorism

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The extensive map of the Syria and Iraq war during the rise of the Islamic State. [By Haghal Jagul [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Recent news about ISIS only reveals how things have been under the banner of the terror-laden ?state?

Some tweets, as New Scientist reported, reveals that the Islamic State isn?t as barbaric as previously thought, although that of course doesn?t justify everything they?ve been doing so far. ISIS tweets reveals the semblance of a functioning state, complete with a structural health care and education plan in place. As for Twitter, however, it also reveals that hacktivist groups Anonymous and GhostSec are taking the fight to ISIS.

In other news, this report from NBC News reveals just how advanced the terrorist group?s tech capabilities are. They?ve managed to secure a list of personnel among the nations banding together to combat them, and they?re into taking these people down. This prompted the governments of the said nations to advise its servicemen to secure their social media accounts.

The ?S? in ISIS

For some time, ISIS has been making the impression that it is largely an extremist organization and less an established state with rules and civilization.

If these tweets taken from New Scientist are any indication, it appears that ISIS is somehow trying to make the ?Islamic State? idea work. When they?re not cutting off heads and bombing people, it appears that they are trying to make laws for this state that they are making new curriculum for the University of Mosul. There is also?in a stroke of strange circumstance?concern about the lack of vaccination for children due to shortage in medical supplies.

The report says that it is a big part of how ISIS is managing to control the regions under them, says the report. It might also be an answer as to why the tweets are coordinated and, for the most part, look professionally done.

Media Alarm

In the case of social media, it seems ISIS is also making it work to their advantage.

A lot of international servicemen fighting on the fronts against the extremist ?state? have social media accounts and ISIS appears to be using that to their advantage. According to the report from NBC news, ISIS is using the details available on these accounts to their advantage. It is a big help in acquiring and confirming their targets, according to Gary Davis, chief consumer security evangelist at Intel Security.

It?s not like governments aren?t without their backers, so to speak. Group who are composed of hackers like Anonymous and GhostSec?according to the New Scientist report?are busy in their counter-measures, such as using DDoS attacks to overwhelm terror cell media networks with traffic.

A Different Kind of Warfare

It seems that to fight a different kind of terror, a different kind of warfare must be waged. That?s what these hacking groups seem to be doing?in part as a service to their country, and perhaps, partly as a challenge. It?s an effort that everyone should take part in if they want to keep safe from the barbaric clutches of the Islamic State terrorists.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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