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Grimm Season 7 Story Arc: Could There Be A Continuation Of The Series? Directors Weigh In On Possibility

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Grimm Season 7

NBC’s fantasy crime drama Grimm finally came to an end after six seasons and 123 episodes last month. Even though the show’s cancellation was attributed to the drop in viewership, the hopes for a continuation of the series remain high not just for Grimmsters, but for the cast and crew as well. But is a renewal still possible? How will the story continue?

Showrunners David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf already said previously they’ll keep their options open for any potential spinoffs or more Grimm episodes in the future. After all, they didn’t leave the viewers with a tragic ending.

We can recall the finale saw Nick travel back through the mirror to be reunited with his very much alive friends and family. The icing on the cake is a fast-forward twenty years to where adult Diana and Kelly are already fighting Wesen. Many fans have since expressed how they would love to see more of the two ladies in action as part of the Grimm 2.0 gang alongside Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets.

Grimm Season 7NBC

New Beginnings

While Grimm Season 7 is not on NBC’s cards right now, Greenwalt and Kouf hinted there’s more story to tell should the show gets a revival anytime in the future. In an interview with IGN, the producers explained the finale was a fairy tale ending. Such endings intentionally leave open doors for new beginnings which according to Kouf is the perfect way to end Grimm.

“It could take on a life of its own, you never know,” Greenwalt added. “There’s many different versions of how that conceivably could continue. At the same time, we did end it and go full circle. It’s a hopeful future! Everyone’s out there fighting.”

The pair previously revealed they wanted to take their fans to a new universe and introduce some new characters in season 7. In fact, they were even planning to pitch aliens in season 6 but they couldn’t due to time constraints.

Grimm Season 7 – Is It Possible?

At this point, the show’s revival is uncertain, although the cast and crew seem to be very optimistic about Grimm being picked up by any other networks like Netflix or TNT. Should it find a new home soon, Kouf suggested the supernatural series could air during the weekends.

“Our audience doubled over the weekend usually within the first seven days,” he shared. “A lot of people recorded it. That’s the way TV is watched now. Nobody has to be home watching when it’s on. The audience is finding shows in different ways now.”

Are you also hoping for a Grimm Season 7? What would you like to see from the series once it gets a renewal? Sound off in the comments below!

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