Grimm Season 6 Updates: See New Season?s Premiere Date and Spoilers

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Grimm is back after posting the promising TV ratings it garnered during its last season. According to reports, NBC has ordered a new season of the fantasy series and is expected to premiere in the later part of 2016. Grimm after all is not leaving, nor is it dead either. As early as April this year, NBC has expressed their eagerness to seal another new season of Grimm and has since confirmed ordering a 13-episode Grimm Season 6.

With the fifth season of Grimm premiering on October 30, 2015, the hit fantasy drama stayed on air until the season reached its finale on May 20, 2016. The announcement didn?t come as a surprise, given how the show displayed a convincing number of viewers in its last season. Reports say that about 4.04 million viewers followed ?Grimm? in its last season premiere.

Meanwhile, some interesting new spoilers were revealed as the fifth season of Grimm left its viewers wondering on what will happen in the next season. Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) will eventually return to her old self. After some tricky ?tricks? that brought her to her senses, she discovers that she?s really Juliette and not the Eve that she?s known all this time. Questions, however, will remain on what will happen to her and Nick (David Giuntoli), now that Nick is slowly falling in love with Adalind (Claire Coffee) with whom he has a love child.

Adalind, who is a Hexenbiest, is expected to complicate things around Nick?s life and the apparent arrival of Juliette in the scene. Despite that, there?s also Sean (Sasha Roiz) who wants Adalind back and with whom he also has a child. Sean will do everything in order to take back Adalind, to the extent of using their daughter Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) to lure her back. It will not be a pretty scene, but Grimm Season 6 is definitely showing a very promising new season.

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