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Grimm Season 6 Spoilers and News on Season 7 Renewal: Juliette to Make a Comeback

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grimm season 6 spoilers
grimm season 6 spoilers

Grimm Season 6 is all set to air on January 6, 2017. It was previously reported that NBC had decided that the upcoming season of the hit series will be its last. The news did not come as a surprise for many. The fact that Grimm Season 6 will only be composed of 13 episodes was a hint that the show is not going to last long. Its previous instalments were composed of 22 episodes. Despite the sad news, many fans are looking forward to see what Grimm Season 6 has to offer. Viewers could expect that the highly anticipated instalment is going to be jampacked.

Grimm co-creators David Greenwalt and James Kouf recently teased fans about what?s in store for them in the next season. Greenwalt revealed that a significant character is going to come back. Many will be delighted to know that it?s Juliette who is fated to make a comeback.

Grimm Season 6 spoilers claim that Juliette is healed by the mysterious magic healing stick. Juliette and Nick will not have much time together. Nick has to deal with 50 or more wesens that intend to kill him.

Fans expect that the upcoming season of Grimm will be darker. The showdown between Nick and Capt. Sean Renard can only get more intense.

Grimm Season 7 Renewal

Meanwhile, many fans can?t help but express their disappointment about the cancellation of the beloved show. One of them is Rebecca Hays from Wales, UK. She even initiated an online petition for Grimm Season 7 renewal.

According to Hays, the majority of the show?s avid viewers feel like Grimm cannot end at season 6. She insisted that there is so much more to tell and it would be a wasted opportunity to have it cancelled. Many fans want Netflix to pick up Grimm for renewal after its sixth instalment.

The said petition that Hays has started now has 6,457 supporters who would want Grimm to have a new home network.

NBC has not commented about the petitions yet. For more spoilers and updates about Grimm Season 7 renewal, tune in only here at TheBitbag.

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