Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: Diana To Be More Powerful Next Season, Greater Than Mother Adalind!

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While everyone excitedly waits for Grimm Season 6, more and more spoilers about the hit TV series are starting to be uncovered. Here?s what we have gathered so far:

Rumor has it that Adalind?s daughter, Diana Schade-Renard, will be having a crucial role in the forthcoming installment of the show. This after her heroic deeds during the finale of the fifth season. It must be remembered that she rescued Nick from the evilness of Bonaparte.

The question now is, will she become even more powerful in the sixth installment? We know nothing yet.
Previously, the deeds of Renard in the show proved that she was the vital character in season 5. What she did to save Nick was controlling her father?s body and used it to stab Bonaparte. However, despite the rescue to Nick, the latter and Renard left in shock for what the little Hexenbiest was capable of doing.

According to reports, executive producer of Grimm, David Greenwalt, has hinted that Diana will be a giant powerhouse coming into the sixth season of the series. He confirmed that Diana will definitely be a powerful character in the show.

Greenwalt bared that Diana will find herself in bigger scenes in Grimm Season 6 which is why it is possible for her to have bigger exposure in the show. So does it mean that Diana will be the highlight of the upcoming season?

Many speculations suggest that she will play a significant role in the show. Another executive producer of the series, James Kouf, said that it might happen as they have to maximize every character they have in the show. Reports said that they have been long planning to give the spotlight to Diana and her growing powers.

Meanwhile, Kouf also lauded the new Diana Schade-Renard of the show who replaced Sloane McGinnis. Little Hannah R. Loyd will be suiting up anew in season 6. For the producer, she is the best actress that fits the plan of the production team. She has shown that she has what it takes to level against David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee.

Now, it appears that Diana is even more powerful than her mother Adalind. So it is unlikely that the latter will still be able to control her daughter coming into the next season.

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