Grimm Season 6 Spoilers: David Giuntoli Directs Season 6

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grimm season 6 spoilers
grimm season 6 spoilers

As Grimm?s Season 5 finale left viewers wanting more, fans aren?t letting up about finding Grimm Season 6 spoilers. Exclusive interviews done by various sites have shed light into what fans can expect from the upcoming season. With Nick, Renard and Juliette in the mix, find out what Season 6 could have in store for them.

Beginning with the amount of episodes, many sites and even the actor David Giuntoli, who portrays the lead role Nick Burkhart, don?t know how many episodes Season 6 will have. The previous seasons from 1 to 5 followed a 22-episode season. This could mean that Season 6 may have 22 episodes as well. However, according to ?TV Insider, Grimm?s sixth season was only renewed for 13 episodes and could possibly be 15 or 18. This may be ?grim? news to fans.

Furthermore, the Season 5 finale ended with Nick ?almost? dying with a shot to the heart. It would have devastated its fans if Nick weren?t to return as he is the hero of the show. It was revealed, though, that he would live to see another day since he was saved by a stick, which left some viewers wondering how that got there.

In an interview with TV Insider, Giuntoli says, ?First of all, we?re picked up for another 13 episodes, so it would be hard to believe that Nick would die. [Laughs] I mean, I guess I?m an adequate enough actor that the audience wouldn?t think I?ve been fired, right? Besides, we?ve done so many cliffhangers where it looks like someone might be dead?like a million of ?em. We have too much respect for the viewer to keep doing that at this point.?

With a whiff of the news that Giuntoli will be directing the Season 6 premiere, fans can expect that he will know what will be going on. He says, ?Nick has gone through a lot of different phases of superpowers [but] those kind of tailed off as the episodes go on. I think they want to take Nick to – I don’t know about superpowers – but I know they want to turn him into a fierce, aggressive, kind of unhinged character, so that will be really fun to play for me.?

In the same TV Insider interview, Giuntoli mentions that he will come ?face to face with Renard.? He says that he imagines the first scenes of Season 6 to be a fight between Nick and Renard.

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